Delivering Despite Complexity

The company has big plans. You have an obligation to delivery results because you are part of the leadership team. In order to get an enterprise-wide project completed by the end of the year, you need a project team. The project is complex, so you assemble a cross-functional team to achieve the results. A team leader or project manager is appointed, and you think to yourself, “Good, this is all set and ready to go.” Then a few weeks or months down the road, you look up and find that the project is not running smoothly, the team is spinning their wheels and the results that you promised are now at risk.

You start searching for answers that are just not there. So you jump in to the detail, trying to understand how to get the project back on track. As a leader of an organization, you really don’t have the time to spend on the tactical project management. You want to avoid disrupting the team but now you know you need a great project manager to get the job done. You need to know the attributes of exactly the right person.

An enterprise-level Project Manager ensures success by:

  • Envisioning what it takes to achieve the end results.
  • Involving the team members to create a project plan that includes more detailed tactical planning, key activities, and milestones including report out events.
  • Identifying lead times and dependencies to ensure efficient workflow.
  • Identifying the milestones that are on the critical path.
  • Proactively assessing the risk of achieving the milestones, and recruiting the necessary help to mitigate risk.
  • Issuing highly organized communication to support the team and ensure progress.
  • Maintaining living documents that retain action items, highlight upcoming milestones and proactively address risks in the project execution.
  • Leveraging the senior leadership or project sponsor to remove obstacles or roadblocks, including funding or resource challenges.
  • Being knowledgeable about each area of the project but holding the team accountable to their part of the overall plan instead of “taking over” the individual tasks.
  • Holding effective team meetings and providing meaningful updates to the senior leaders of the organization.

A great project manager takes the stress out of a large and complex project. With a lot of moving parts, the project manager is the conductor that makes the noise sound like a musical masterpiece. The music to your ears at the end of the project is achieving the desired results, on time and on budget.

DataKey Difference: Strengthens and energizes client organizations by becoming part of the team to accelerate key initiatives.  DataKey is accountable for recommendations and implementation. Without corporate politics getting in the way, clients trust DataKey for unbiased input, advancement and realistic change. We bring the tools and know-how to you to ensure lasting, self-sustainable advancement for your company. DataKey loves to jump in with your team, run with you, and drive results! If you have a big project on the drawing board – or in progress – that needs project management guidance, contact us today for an initial consultation.

Download a PDF version of this article here.

About datakeyconsulting
You may have experienced consultants who made high-priced recommendations followed by implementations that didn't "stick." DataKey’s founder vowed to form a different kind of company. DataKey has successfully completed hundreds of projects across more than 30 different industries for companies from mid-market to Fortune 500. As a measure of client satisfaction, over 90% of our clients engage in more than one project with our team. DataKey is one of the fastest growing management consulting firms in Westchester County, New York. Founded by Ted Miller in 2004, DataKey now has offices in New York and California. DataKey builds better companies; Accelerate Your Business Objectives!

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